Auto insurance, who needs it? Well, everyone does. Everyone operating an automobile is required to have auto insurance by law in the United States.

Many other countries outside the United States do not have the same rules — I know, because I lived in Guatemala for 12 years! Being involved in an accident with someone who isn’t insured is a whole new world of headache, so while the blanket requirement is great, it’s important to keep in mind that required liability limits and injury coverages vary in different states, yet have the same concept.

Liability insurance protects others from the damage we do, and protects one of our most expensive assets: our cars. Cars are expensive, and even if yours isn’t worth much, you drive with others around you that spend a lot of money on their cars. Liability coverage is important because it not only protects your own investments, but the investments of other drivers.

Physical damage coverage on your policy covers your vehicle, less your deductible. That coverage includes comprehensive, collision, rental car, roadside assistance and added extras that your policy offers, however is NOT required. The only thing the law requires is that you have liability. Liability protects others’ cars, NOT YOURS, which is why it’s the bare minimum requirement for legally being on the road.

Written by: Therese Potter, director of marketing and Business development at All About Insurance



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