CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Director of the Health Medical Institute, Dr. Paul Washburn, M.D. is offering medical services in his office to people who do not have health insurance.

“We’re noticing our healthcare system being over run by a pandemic, multiple other chronic diseases can become exacerbating,” Washburn said.

It will offer reduced service fees for anyone that needs an acute follow-up visit for $75. These follow-ups can either be in in person, or via telehealth depending on the medical necessity. For people who do have health insurance, they are still eligible to get the care they need and will not have to pay their insurance deductible.

“I need to start looking at different models that are sustainable, and treating our people with effective, healthy, quality low cost care, that is basically a no-brainer for me, and that’s how we should start,” Washburn said.

For ways to setup appointment, visit:, or call: (307) 514-0510.

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