While businesses across the world are navigating the financial and operational challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, it is the restaurant industry in particular that has taken a large hit. With numerous restaurants being forced to close their doors for good or furlough thousands of employees, many workers were exposed to the instability of their industry. David Denton, who worked as a traveling restaurant manager for the past five years, decided to take this time of unprecedented instability and turn it into meaningful change. Having his eyes opened to the need for financial security, Denton completely changed his career trajectory to become a financial growth advisor, assisting others in growing liquid cash assets through life insurance.

While searching for a new career opportunity, Denton was put in touch with a financial growth expert he met five years ago at a networking event. “I was looking for something a little more stable for myself with everyone going on,” he says. “He showed me these products and the power of what it could do for me. I saw the value that it could bring to people in similar situations to me who wanted to secure financial freedom in the future.” Excited at this new opportunity, Denton earned his life insurance license, and now assists others in purchasing life insurance policies that allow cash accumulation. In short, helps clients grow liquid assets that can easily be converted into cash for emergencies or investments.

According to Denton, his career shift has completely changed his mindset and improved his relationship with money. “I’ve learned I need to focus on assets before liabilities when it comes to my financial spending or investing”, he says. “Before I would spend my money on depreciating assets like a nice car or drinks at the bars when I could have been making smarter choices with my money that would free me up to make even bigger purchases in the future.”

Denton wants to help others make smarter financial decisions as financial literacy is an area in which many people lack understanding. “When we’re going to school, we’re taught that we need to work really hard so we can get a job that’s going to pay us well, but we’re not taught how to use that money. That’s why so many of us wind up in lots of debt,” he explains. “What we really need to do is learn how to have a good relationship with money. When we have assets that are helping pay for our liabilities, that’s how we build our real wealth. We can rely on some of our own assets covering some of our expenses instead of working every day for the paycheck.”

Denton specializes in assisting clients to find the cash products best suited for their needs. “A lot of life insurance agents are called captive agents, which means they work for a company and they can only offer products that that company has. So when they’re working with a client, they’re going to try to push their products on those people, even if it’s not what’s best for the client,” he explains. “Whereas my team and I work with a financial marketing arm that allows us to be independent. We have access to many companies in the top 100 Comdex rating, which are the top companies that deliver on their promises. So we’re able to find the best products with the best cash value for the client rather than try to sell them whatever we have.”

Inspired to help others find the same path, Denton wants to focus on women to close the gender gap in financial literacy. Studies show that, on average, women are less financially literate than men. After speaking with a female friend, Denton established a personal goal of helping 100 women become financially independent this year. “There’s this whole deal where men feel like they can entrap women financially and make them feel like they need the man to survive,” he says. “There’s not a lot of people out there trying to outreach and show women these types of opportunities and products, because they’re focusing on men.”

While the pandemic has greatly altered the way we live and work, Denton is grateful that it’s led him on a smarter financial journey. “It changed my relationship with my understanding of finances,” he says. “It’s given me more of a sense of freedom because I know that as it builds over time, I will be taken care of in the future.”

To discuss your financial future with David Denton, call or text 806-773-8563

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Published November 20, 2020



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