New functionality strengthens workforce engagement in the identification, assessment, and control of on-the-job risks

Toronto, ON — Cority, the most trusted provider of environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software solutions, today announced the release of powerful new functionality within its industry-leading Risk Assessment Solution. These enhancements enable organizations to improve operational risk management capabilities, strengthen legal compliance, and increase employee engagement in health and safety prevention activities.

Risk assessment is the foundation of occupational health and safety prevention efforts. As organizations seek to increase worker engagement and participation in the development and maintenance of workplace risk assessments, there’s an acknowledgment that these stakeholders need intuitive, easy-to-use tools to guide them through the process. In response, Cority has introduced a new risk screening tool within its existing workflows, designed to streamline and simplify the creation of workplace-specific risk assessments.

By accessing the screening tool via myCority, Cority’s responsive mobile app, workers can capture relevant risk data that automatically creates and populates a new risk assessment record – in only a few clicks. This drastically reduces the time and effort to complete and update mandatory risk assessments. Leveraging Cority’s Business Intelligence Tools, organizations can easily aggregate individual risk assessment records into a single, comprehensive risk assessment document. This consolidation enables the evaluation and documentation of all risks to the safety and health of workers, as required to meet overarching European requirements (Directive 89/391/EEC). This includes France’s Document Unique d’Évaluation des Risques (DUER), Risico Inventarisatie en – Evaluatie (RI&E) in the Netherlands, Germany’s Gefährdungsbeurteilung, and other national-level requirements.

Risk Assessment records are essential to occupational health clinicians for developing individual employee health promotion and treatment plans. To support this, Cority’s Risk Assessment Solution is now accessible directly within the Medical Chart module of its Occupational Health Solution. This enhancement enables occupational health practitioners to easily link specific risk assessments to a worker’s medical record and incorporate specific data from these analyses to build a unique risk register for each employee under their care. With this functionality, occupational health teams can ensure risks to workers are properly addressed in their treatment, enabling more accurate recommendations to business leaders on potential work changes to limit harmful exposures, reduce associated health care and absenteeism related costs, and improve worker well-being.

“These new enhancements to our risk management offering represent a significant investment to support our global clients to more effectively manage risks and meet  local regulatory requirements,” said John Easton, VP of Product Management at Cority. “Designed by our in-house experts in strong collaboration with client partners, we’re confident these improvements will provide improved capabilities to detect and manage risk and drive increased employee engagement and communication – critical elements for a progressive safety culture.”

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